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Putra AQ Presented Putra AQAS System for the Service Innovation Award in conjunction with HKIP UPM Year 2022

12th October 2022, Serdang - Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) has participated the Service Innovation Award (Service Category) in conjunction with UPM Quality and Service Innovation Day (HKIP)

Year 2022 by competing  Putra AQAS (Academic Quality Assurance System) system developed by Infocomm Development Centre (iDEC). This competition was participated by staff under Division of

Academic Quality Management & Accreditation, CQA comprises of Miss Aidawati Ramali as Group Leader, Mrs. Nurhanisah Sadun, Mrs. Azarizam Ali, Mrs. Norliyani Anor and Mrs. Anis Syahirah Abdullah.

Meanwhile other members  from iDEC consist of Ts. Mr. Ahmad Faisal Abdul Ghaffar and Mr. Mohammad Faiz Esa. The combination of these two PTJs is known as Putra AQ.


Putra Academic Quality Assurance System (Putra AQAS) was developed for the purpose of monitoring the implementation process of programme accreditation and curriculum revision as well as acting as

a programme information database at UPM. As a self-accredited university, the need for a comprehensive system is very significant in ensuring the smoothness of the process and monitoring of accreditation

implementation as well as the accuracy of programme information data. This system involves two (2) main modules which are accreditation and programme curriculum revision which involves three (3)

phases of system development. This system has started to be used in June 2022 for the accreditation module at CQA level.


The impact on the implementation of this innovation is in the following aspects:

  (i)    Quality improvement : The accuracy and reliability of the data referred to as well as more accurate and systematic reporting monitoring;

  (ii)   Saving on manpower: Reduction from four (4) to two (2) staffs required for program evaluation matters with the assist of Putra AQAS System;

  (iii)  Time saving: Reduce Secretariat time to manage and complete the evaluation process for a programme that will undergo evaluation either as a Provisional Accreditation, Full Accreditation or

         Maintenance Audit from 12 to 5 working days only, which carries saving of 58.00%;

  (iv)  Cost savings: Saving on operating costs / managing expenses up to RM13,800.00 which was previously used to pay contract staff (MySTEP) at a rate of RM2300.00 per month.


Putra AQ has presented the innovation for jury evaluation on 12th October 2022 at Mini Auditorium 1, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor's (Research and Innovation) Office Building.






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