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Briefing Session for DQ Champ Program


January 13, 2019, Serdang - At around 4.00 pm, located in the Centre for Quality Assurance Meeting Room, Level 4, Vice Chancellor Building (Research and Innovation), UPM held an briefing session with Parent and Students for the DQ Champ program 2019. The briefing was given by Mrs. Noorizai Mohamad Noor, Head of Quality Management Services, Centre for Quality Assurance, UPM.

The DQ Champ program is one of the efforts of the Centre for Quality Assurance to assist Year 6 students who will faced the upcoming UPSR examination in September 2019. During the briefing session, parents and students were inform that the program would be run for 8 months. We hope the DQ Champ program runs smoothly and will benefit the students involved.





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