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Perbincangan Tindakan Penambahbaikan Berdasarkan Laporan Audit Pematuhan Swaakreditasi UPM 2022

25 September 2023, Serdang –Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA) has arranged a discussion to make improvements based on the UPM Self-Accreditation Compliance Audit Report 2022 that has been received from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

This discussion was held physically and hybrid on 25th September 2023 (Monday) in Division of Academic Governance Meeting Room,  Putra Chancellery Building, UPM at 2.30 pm since there were two participants from UPM Bintulu Campus who were CQA Associate Fellows (FB) .

Associate Prof. Dr. Noor Syamilah Zakaria, Deputy Director, Center for Quality Assurance  who chaired this discussion which was attended by CQA FB who are experts in the field of COPIA, Centre for Academic Development and Leadership Excellence  (CADe-Lead), Division for Admission and Division for Academic Governance  (BAKD), School of Graduate Studies ( SPS) and few officers from CQA.

The discussion revolved around the proposal for an improvement action plan, the proposed work motion detailing the improvement actions and the line of implementation of the improvement actions based on the 3 things highlighted based on the report, namely, the alignment of PLO to MQF 2.0 for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the status of undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum review and coordination of the Programme Self-Review Report (PSRR) and programme review.

The discussion agreed to take immediate action, especially regarding the alignment of PLO to MQF 2.0 for fear that this remark will be repeated in the future. BAKD and SPS need to constantly monitor and remind programme owners to take immediate action on this problem and list the programmes that have not yet made this PLO alignment in the University Curriculum Committee Meeting and the University Graduate Studies Committee Meeting so that the management of the faculty  who attended both meetings are aware with the development of each programme.

The discussion also agreed that BAKD and SPS always ensure that the programme owner revises the curriculum according to the offer period, especially for the Master's Programme by Coursework.Procedures must be reviewed by either BAKD and SPS to ensure programme owners are aware of the program review period. Program owners also need to comply with the guidelines issued by CADe-Lead in drafting curriculum review documents.

For the coordination of the PSRR and curriculum review, it has been agreed that a workshop should be held in October or November to coordinate the two documents so that they do not overlap with each other and will not burden the programme owner to prepare the two documents repeatedly when preparing document for programme review.



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