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Briefing on the Implementation of the Administrative Management Quality Award and Star Rating – HKIP UPM Year 2023/2024


26th July 2023, Serdang - Service Quality and Innovation Day or better known as HKIP is back this year but with a new format. This new format has been approved by the University Management Committee Meeting (JPU) through Minute 873.16(l)(1) dated 7th June 2023 where the JPU meeting agreed to extend the evaluation period from 1st August 2023 until 31 July 2024.The extension of this period is to make room for quality cultivating practices that are more effective compared to the previous year. This is because to ensure the effectiveness of a quality practice it must go through a reasonable period.A period of 12 months is more appropriate to be used as a competition month to apply the value of quality cultural practices to be more integrated among UPM staffs. In line with this format change, HKIP will be known as HKIP 2023/2034.

Looking back at the history of organising HKIP which started in 2013 and every year the organisation of the HKIP competition has been held except it was stopped in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. HKIP continued in 2022 with the greatest aura of excitement where it has recorded the highest number of audience compared to previous years.

Centre for Quality Assurance  has already held a Briefing on Quality Awards and Administrative Management Star Ratings where the award leaders presented the evaluation criteria to all Deputy Management Representatives and UPM staffs via the Zoom platform on 26th July 2023. It was also announced that HKIP 2023/2024 will compete for the number of awards which is the same as in 2022 which still maintains 10 awards and 2 prizes.

Based on the annual count, the next HKIP which is 2023/2024 will enter the 10-year phase, therefore it is appropriate that it undergo some reform with the extension of the evaluation period.

May the UPM staffs together support and participate in order to manifest the impact of a culture of quality and innovation that reflects solid and excellent quality of service.

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