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Improvement and Support Services Section


Improvement and Support Services Section is part of the Centre for Quality Assurance of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) under the Quality Management of Service Department.  The main role of Improvement and Support Services Section is to plan, manage, implement and monitor all relevant activities and support services to the improvement of quality management systems, information security management system and environmental management system which includes the Serdang Campus and Bintulu campus.

Functions and roles

  1. To implement monitoring for the implementation of the follow-up meeting results QMS Management Review.
  2. To manage and monitor the follow-up of the Quality Assurance Committee Meeting.
  3. Prepare Functional Plan Performance report and monitoring and measurement the plan periodically
  4. To manage and monitor the process of the closure of Non-Conformity Report” (NCR) and corrective actions whether internal audit or certification bodies for quality management systems
  5. To monitor the implementation and innovation 5S responsibility centres (PTJ)
  6. To manage customer feedback and conducting customer satisfaction study for quality assurance
  7. To provide the competition criteria and manage 5S competition in conjunction with the Celebration of Service Quality and Innovation Day, UPM (HKIP)

Updated:: 04/02/2016 [uda]


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