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Self Accreditation and Profesional Body Section

 Function and Roles:

  1. Manage the implementation of Provisional Audit or Full Accreditation Audit.
  2. Managing the implementation of the revised monitoring audit for undergraduate and postgraduate  programmes.
  3. Manage auditing curriculum evaluation (For the next cycle of the programme)
  4. Increase the level of competence that enabled the Panel of Assessors (internal) to review and recommend best practices for the purpose of improvement
  5. Ensure Self-Accreditation Committee Meeting was held according to plan
  6. Ensure dwitahunan report submitted to the MQA within the established
  7. To provide quality reports for Quality Management Meeting IPTA (MPQ-IPTA)

To complete the function, Self-Accreditation Committee Meeting (Subcommittee under SENATE UPM) has been established and generally, the committee is responsible for ensuring that the process of approval of programs, transparent and giving emphasis to the audit findings by the Panel of Assessors internal University

Updated:: 25/02/2016 [t_rozi]


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